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My Pursuit of “Wrappingness”

After my trip to Cologne in March, I was so exited about receiving the yarn I ordered from the suppliers I met in the fair. The yarn arrived last week and I was jumping like a little girl when it happened. As soon as I opened the boxes it felt like walking on the clouds. I love the smell of the yarn, the texture and softness; I could lay on it forever.

Well, I was not only waiting for my yarn, but also for other equipment I ordered. The Ashford warping board. This is a weaving accesory used to create a warp. I do not weave yet but I will be using this frame to create self stripping sock yarn. In order to do so I wrap the yarn in different directions and lengths. Depending on how you do that, you can create multiple stripe color patterns.

Since I am in the process of designing my own patterns, I titled this post “My pursuit of Wrappingness”. Here is the photo I posted on Instagram last Monday that shows my wraps:

In pursuit of "wrappingness" I just made this word up. I think I does not exist but any how. That's what I have been doing since this morning.

If you are interested in how to dye self stripping sock yarn you can check this tutorial. This is a fun process and I am enjoying it. My sock yarn will be available soon.

On the other hand, I have been working on my knitting WIP and I have a FOs. My WIPs are:

1) Stitch Surfers by Louise Robert. I am still in my first sock but I passed the heel. I have to surf to the left one more time. I used the tutorial prepared by Diane from the Knitabulls Podcast.

The yarns I am using is Jawoll Aktion from Lang in the solid color number 131.0165. The blue stripy one is Jackpot Color from Regia number 07210. Both contain 75% SW Wool and 25% Nylon. I am knitting these with my Chiaogoo Red Lace Circular needle size 1 US / 2.25 mm cable 40″ / 100 cm.

Here is a picture of my Stitch Surfers:

Stitch Surfers

2) Another WIP is my sample for the “Swatch Like you Mean It” class by Mel from the Single Handed Knits. This will become a cushion for my sofa. The yarn is Linea Pura from Lana Grossa in color number 005. It contains 85% Cotton and 15% Milkfibre. I am using bamboo needles that were kindly offered to me by Tulip while I was in Cologne. This is a new line of their bamboo needles and so far, there are really good. The size is 8 US / 5 mm cable 32 ” / 80 cm.

Here is my sample:

Cushion Sample

3) The last I have been working on is a pair of socks for a swap I signed at the begging of the year. This is organized by, again, Mel of “Single Handed Knits” fame through her Group in Ravelry. My partner is Heather from Knits-N-Things video podcast. I received from her a beautiful skein of 100 yds / 92 m that I have to include in my socks. The yarn is from Sock Bunny Studios in Etsy in her Janie base MCN 80% 10% 10%, colorway “Running with Scisors”. I am combining this yarn with Jawoll 75% SW Wool / 25% Nylon from Lang in color number 83.0061. I am using my Addi circular needles size 1 US / 2.5 mm. The pattern I am using I am creating on the way because I would like to integrate the MCN yarn in a different way than only toes and heels.

Here is a picture of my first sock:

Time to watch Roger Federer at the Cup Davis while I knit my swap socks. Hoop Schweiz!!! #cupdavis

My FO after a long time is a plain vanilla sock out of my sock yarn, wich will be available soon 🙂

This is a picture of my socks:

I have a FO after a long time!!

Last week I was also able to spin and I have a FO. First, I prepared the fibre to spin a lofty yarn following the instructions of the wonderful Maggie Casey in her DVD distributed by Interweave.

I bougth the fibre back in 2012 from Tempted Yarns at the market place of in the first SSK organized by The Knit Girllls. This was a custom bath that we could create. I mixed Bamboo and Merino. Since the colors were not blended as I wanted, I used my Ashford blending board and create rolags as can be seen in the below photo.

Preparing my fiber to spin and playing with my blending board. This is fun

Using a semi-woolen draw method I spun from the rolags and create my yarn whose length is 71 yds / 65 m of a bulky weight.

This is the result, which I am very proud of:

day 2 #fmsphotoaday something in your hand (s) The loftiest yarn I have ever spun. Like it

4) My current WIP is a corespinning yarn. I am using local sheep fibre that it is a bit coarse. I bought this as well in 2012 from Laines d’Ici, an association that gathers local producers and promotes local yarns and fibres. I am carding the fibre with my hand carders that are from Ashford as well 🙂 I like the outcome and let’s see how does the yarn come out. I higly recommend to check out the videos of Jacey Boggs. She is a master of spinning art yarn.

Trying core spinning

5) Last but not least, I went last Saturday to the 2014 edition of Swissexpo Zurich, organized every year by Wolle-Schweiz. This is a specilized trade expo similar to the H+H, but in a smaller scale, explicitly targeting the Swiss market.

Among the exhibitors, I spotted one of my current suppliers, Schulana, and I stopped by to say hi. I also met a local mill that has wonderful yarn.

As usual I took some pictures of the stands with creative displays. I would like to share some of them; this was at the entrance of the exposition:

Knitting banned sign

The following three pictures were taken at the WeltiCreativ stand; cute crochetted tiny birds:


Paper Collage Vespa:

Do you want a ride in a paper collage Vespa? #swissexpo2014

Amazing yarn display that I would like to have:

#fmsphotoaday 5 Not Mine. I wish this ewe wool display was mine

This sign was at the exit; very funny, in German it means “Speed limit, no more than 100 stitches per minute” I only regret that the numbers were in sticky tape and not knit. The numbers were falling apart:

"Not more than 100 stitches per minute" This is at the entry of the Swiss Expo Zürich organized by Schweiz-Wolle association

It was a nice event and it gives you an overview of the local market.

I hope you enjoyed this week post and until next time, happy crafting!

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