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The joy of knitting for your beloved ones

You may not probably know it yet, but I love knitting stuffed toys. I haven’t knit a lot of them, because I do it specially for my little niece. I like to give them to her as gifts for her Birthday or for Christmas. She is two years old now, and she has received so far 4 toys and 2 blankets knit by me.

Two weeks ago, during our Stitching Retreat 2014, I started knitting the last one of those toys. I chose Slo’Moe, the new pattern of Susan Claudino Designs as my little niece’s second birthday gift.

I knit this cute snail very fast, probably because I had to finish it before my trip to Madrid, where my brother lives with his family; or maybe just because I was so excited to see how the colours of the yarn were coming along the way. The pattern is so well written and the tutorial pictures are so easy to follow; it was a pleasant and fun project and I loved the outcome.

Here below you can see Slo’Zoe, as I named it. I added a little crocheted flower in one of her antennae; it gives her a girly touch.


I used for this project my hand-dyed yarn in fingering weight. The self-striping colorway is “The Circle of Life” and the variegated is “Lilac Garden”. I used my Addi Turbo Rockets circular needle 2.25 mm / 100 cm (US 1/40″.) Since the pattern called for worsted yarn, I had to adapt the number of increases and decreases. It was not difficult and I got a good size.

I personally delivered the gift, and at my brothers place I found two of the other toys sitting in my niece’s playroom. She likes to align all her dolls and stuffed toys where it used to be her baby crib; I think this is lovely.

I took a picture of Sophie, Fillippo, and Slo’Zoe. These are the names I gave them, not the pattern names. These are from left to right: Giraffe by Susan B. AndersonBasil the Boogie-Woogie Brontosaurus by Rebecca Danger, and last but not least Slo’Moe.

My niece's stuffed toys

If you can see, below the toys there is a blanket; this was the Sleeping Baby’s Castle Blanket by Sally Dian Rainey I knit last year. My niece uses the blanket to cover her toys when she is going to sleep. The blanket is small to cover her now, but she is still using it, and I love it.

Yes, I just love to see that my beloved ones are appreciative of my hand knits even at an early age; and I love knitting for them. I am lucky enough to have a family who enjoys and uses my gifts. I hope you do too.

This is all I wanted to say for this week, not a lot of material but next week I will post my progress on other projects. I really want to show you all my Mystik Spiral Socks by Josh Ryks. This is an amazing sock pattern and really fun to knit. I could have finished it by now had I not traveled.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this short post! Leave me any comment or suggestion if you like, and feel free to share this post with your friends and community. Also remember you can follow me on TwitterFacebookInstagramRavelryTumblrFlickr and Pinterest!

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