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My Monday post

I wanted to write this last week but I was sick. I have been having a flu that I cannot get rid of. I went to the doctor, and he told me that I was allergic to Max, my kitty. I was really sad after the results because I cannot even think about giving my kitty away. Adri and I are working the things out and changing some habits at home, so Max and I can live happy together.

I wanted to thank to all the wonderful people that left me comments on my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It was so nice to receive all your support.

Let’s talk about my knitting now. That is why your are here, right?

The only projects I have been working on lately are my Tubularity cowl by Martina Behm, and a new shawl that I cast on last week.

The Tubularity it an easy knitting and I am in my 4th colour. As I mentioned in one of my previous post, I am knitting this in cotton yarn and using circular needles US8/5mm. I will try to finish it before going on holidays in June. Here below you can see a picture of my progress.

Tubularity cowl progress  #tubularity
Cotton Tubularity

The other project that I am actively working on is a new shawl knit with my hand spun yarn. The fiber was from GnomeAcres in the Franklin colourway, dyed specially for the Knitabulls Video Podcast two years ago. I am improvising the pattern, but it is mostly knit in stockinette stitch and I am adding a chevron edge. I am using my Signature circular needles US3/3.25mm.

My shawl progress
Gradient Shawl in hand spun yarn

Not a lot of wipe’s to show. I still have to work on four pair of socks that are hibernating; but I have a FO! My Mystik Spiral Socks by Josh Ryks.

I knit these socks in record time, one week. These are the fastest I ever knit and I enjoyed every single step of the process. I do not know if it was because I was knitting with my hand dyed or because the construction of the socks was different. They have a section knit on the bias, which makes it interesting. Here below you can see pictures of my finished socks.

My Mystical Spiral Socks
My socks in my Alpaca sock blockers by Crazy Monkey Creations
My Mystical Spiral Socks
Self Striping in the Neonized colorway
My Mystical Spiral Socks
The OMG Heel by Megan Williams

Last but not least, I have another FO, but this time an spinning FO. I spun a braid of fiber containing 70% Alpaca and 30% Silk from Gale’s Art, a limited edition colorway bought two years ago at the first SSK retreat.

My hand spun
Hand spun yarn in worsted weight

This is how my skein looks like after a bath. I obtained 200 yards/100 gr. of a worsted weight yarn.

My next project will be Mrs. Bakery Bear, a new stuffed bear pattern by Kay F. Jones. I decided to knit this pattern because I loved the story behind it. This bear was originally knit for the designer’s daughter, and it was not meant to be written until her daughter herself said that it would be nice to have more families enjoying the Bakery Bears. You can watch the new Bakery Bears Video Podcast in youtube and hear there not only the entire story about this pattern, but also enjoy the knitting and miscellaneous topics content. The people behind this podcast are Kay and Dan. You will definitely have fun watching it.

That is all friends. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy this post! Leave me any comment or suggestion if you like, and feel free to share this post with your friends and community. Also remember you can follow me on TwitterFacebookInstagramRavelryTumblrFlickr and Pinterest!

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