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Second Episode

Welcome to the second episode of my podcast about crafting.

In this episode I talk about my knitting, crochet and spinning progress. I also talk about the embroidery class that I took last Sunday. At the end of the episode I show my yarn acquisitions during the last three months.


What I learned:

Last Sunday I learned a Japanese Embroidery Technique called Sashiko as par of the classes organised by the Creative Girls of Zurich Meetup group. This is a traditional technique used by commoners and farmers in Japan since the 17th century. The principle is to stitch different layers of woven fabrics together to create thicker garments in order to protect people from cold weather. The fabric and the threads used are made of cotton. The main colors are white for the thread, and blue indigo for the fabric. You can read more about the history and how to create embroidery projects here: Sashiko Stitchers

What I finished:

I finished a pair of ankle socks knit out of JaWoll Color yarn by LANG. The color number is 132.0314 in the dye lot 3102. The fiber content is 75% Virgin Wool and 25% Nylon. I used needle size 2.5mm (US 1)

What I am working on:


Last weekend I cat on the Messalina shawl by Kay F. Jones. I am using Manos del Uruguay yarn that I had in my stash. The base is the Silk Blend which has 30% Silk and 70% Merino Extra Fine. This is a single ply yarn and the color is 2458. Each skein contains 270m (300yd)/100%. The needle size that I am using is 4.5mm (US 7) and the cable length is 120m (47″). These are my Signature Convertible needles.

The second project that I am currently knitting is a new pair of self striping socks. I dyed the sock yarn, and I named it Qui Veut des Macarons (Who fancies Macarons). The colors reminded me of the French pastry speciality Macarons. I saw once in Ladureé boutique in Zurich a display full of bright colors. The yarn has 6 color changes and each stripe has 4 rows. I am using my DPN needles size 2.25mm (US 1)

The third knitting project is the Moto Vest by Knitterly. I am using recycled yarn from a tunic that I bought long time ago and I wore it once. The needle size is 10mm (US15).


I am crochetting a granny square blanket that I am making for my niece. For the white and pink colors, I am using the line Lambswool 51 from Phildar, which contains 51% Lambswool and 49% Acrylic. The colors are Lin for the white and Bengale for the pink.

The green and orange are from Froehlich in their Sedrun base, which contains 90% Virgin Wool and 10% Grilon / Swiss Nylon. The color numbers are 3.549.221 and 5.528.786 respectively. The crochet size is 3.5mm (US E)


I started spinning a braid of fiber from All Spun Up in the color Millefiori. I did not know if they were still in business when I recorded the episode but they still have their Etsy store, Yay! The fiber contains 50% Merino and 50% silk. I am spinning form the braid without pre drafting it. I will spin a single and then ply it using the chain or Navajo method. There is a tutorial in Craftsy that shows an easy way to learn this technique.

Yarn Acquisitions:

  • 1 skein of Araucania Yarns in their Botany Lace base. The color number is 1947. This is 100% Extra Fine Merino, and each skein has 410m (450yd)/100gr. The recommended needle size is 3.25mm (US 4). Gauge: 29 sts = 10cm/4″
Yarn Acquisitions
  • 2 skeins of Mirasol in their Sulka Legato base. The color number is 01. The fiber content is a blend of 60% Merino 20% Baby Alpaca 20% Silk. Each skein has 250m (274yd)/50gr. The recommended needle size is 3.25mm (US 3) Gauge: 28sts/36rows = 10cm/4″
Yarn Acquisitions
  • 1 cake of Lanartus in their Fine Merino Art base. The color number is 1. It contains 100% Wool, and each cake has 320m (350yd aprox)/100gr The recommended needle sizes are 3.5mm – 4mm (US 4 – 6) It does not have information about the gauge.
Yarn Acquisitions
  • 3 balls of Lang in their ASIA line. The color number is 912.0025. It contains 70% Silk 30% Yak, very yummy. Each balls has 145m (158yd)/50gr. The recommended needle sizes are 3mm – 3.5mm (US 2 – 4). Gauge: 27sts/36rows = 10cm/4″
Yarn Acquisitions
  • 2 skeins of Moeke Yarns in their Elena base. It is a Natural color and each skein contains 100% Pure Romanian Wool. My skein weights 90gr, and per 100gr there is aprox. 330m (360yd)
Yarn Acquisitions
  • The last purchase was a sock yarn from Lang. Another JaWoll skein in their color 902.0006. It contains the same properties I described in the WIP section.
I came to Zürich to change or ask a refund for the skein I bought at Manor, and they gave a new one. I tried to tell them that could be a moth problem (in my rustic German) and they told me it is a manufacture problem. In any case I will wind this one aga

What I am wearing:

  • I am wearing the Simple Shawl by Laura Linneman. I knit this shawlette using my hand spun yarn. The fiber was from Highland Handmades in the White Spruce Top, 100% BFL Superwash. The colorway is Hope.

That is all for this episode. I hope you enjoyed watching it 🙂

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