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Isalloni Yarn Available at N13!

Great news! Since today, Isalloni Yarn is on display at the wonderful N13 shop in the city of Winterthur, Switzerland!

Neustadtgasse 13 is a store created and shared by creative makers. The store is managed by a creative collective offering wool, sustainable textiles, cosmetics, and pottery. At N13 you can find: wool, knitting needles and accessories, knitting magazines and books, baby clothing, beeswax cloths, potted plants, ceramic bowls and pots, natural cosmetics, felted animals, and so much more. Get inspired by the cozy ambiance while sipping a cup of tea!

Check out our Instagram story about N13, and of course, don’t forget to follow N13 in Instagram too!

We invite you all to discover Isalloni Yarn as well as all the other wonderful things at N13! They are located in Neustadtgasse 13, 8400 Winterthur, Switzerland – and here is the Google Maps link for your convenience. See you there!

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