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Welcome to the New Isalloni Website!

We have updated our shop with new products and also with a brand new look. This new website replaces the old and websites. These old websites redirect you now automatically to this one, which will be the official one from now on

Check out the new product categories: Yarn, Accessories, and Wool Wash. We have also migrated the contents of the Gabriela Kos blog into this website.

Let us know your comments about this new website and enjoy!

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My First Sweater

I must recognise that I had not knit an adult size sweater until last January. I was not afraid of being able to knit the garment at all, or to use a specific technique, but rather about getting bored in the process. Having said that, I guess I can identify myself as a process knitter, and I like learning while I knit any project. Repetitive actions can kill my mojo and excitement, that is why I was used to knit only accessories or baby sweaters.

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My current WIP’s and FO’s, three weeks after

Three weeks have passed already since my last post, where I shared with you my spinning experience using two different methods, worsted vs woolen. I hope you found it useful.

This week’s post is about my latests WIP’s and FO’s. I couldn’t work a lot because as you know I was on holidays. My hubby and I went to the beautiful island of Skiathos in Greece. It was the second time we went there, two years in a row. We are in love with the place and the people. I highly recommend it if you would like to visit Greece 🙂

Now let’s get to my projects, shall we?

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Worsted vs Woolen: My experience

This week’s post is quite different. It took me the entire last week to prepare it because I wanted to experiment two different spinning methods; worsted vs. woolen.

You may already know the difference, and there is a lot of theoretical references in the web, magazines and books. That is what I consulted at first, but I really wanted to experiment myself to see the difference between the outcome yarn. Obtaining worsted and woolen yarns depend on many factors. The type of fiber, how you prepare it, and the drafting technique you use to spin it. In the following paragraphs and pictures, I will take you through these factors, so let’s start.

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My Monday post

I wanted to write this last week but I was sick. I have been having a flu that I cannot get rid of. I went to the doctor, and he told me that I was allergic to Max, my kitty. I was really sad after the results because I cannot even think about giving my kitty away. Adri and I are working the things out and changing some habits at home, so Max and I can live happy together.

I wanted to thank to all the wonderful people that left me comments on my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. It was so nice to receive all your support.

Let’s talk about my knitting now. That is why your are here, right?

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The joy of knitting for your beloved ones

You may not probably know it yet, but I love knitting stuffed toys. I haven’t knit a lot of them, because I do it specially for my little niece. I like to give them to her as gifts for her Birthday or for Christmas. She is two years old now, and she has received so far 4 toys and 2 blankets knit by me.

Two weeks ago, during our Stitching Retreat 2014, I started knitting the last one of those toys. I chose Slo’Moe, the new pattern of Susan Claudino Designs as my little niece’s second birthday gift.

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