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My current WIP’s and FO’s, three weeks after

Three weeks have passed already since my last post, where I shared with you my spinning experience using two different methods, worsted vs woolen. I hope you found it useful.

This week’s post is about my latests WIP’s and FO’s. I couldn’t work a lot because as you know I was on holidays. My hubby and I went to the beautiful island of Skiathos in Greece. It was the second time we went there, two years in a row. We are in love with the place and the people. I highly recommend it if you would like to visit Greece 🙂

Now let’s get to my projects, shall we?

I cast on a crescent shawl with a beautiful yarn that I had in my stash from Unwind Yarn Company in her Twinkle Sock base and Bougainvillaea colorway. I’m using my Addi circular needles size US 2/3mm.

I started this project at the airport while we were waiting to board. I had in my mind a particular pattern, but I changed on the way. I wanted to add a personal touch. That is common in me, I cannot follow a pattern completely, unless it is a toy pattern.

I already finished the body and now I’m working on the edge, where I’m adding my design. This is how it looks now:

Crescent shawl
Crescent Shawl

I decided to do a smocking pattern for the edge. This is the first time I’m knitting the edge in this way, including the stitches from the body in every other row. I like it 🙂

Next on my needles, a second pair of Stitch Surfers. I must admit that I did not finished my first one. I have a HO but I think I have the second sock syndrome (SSS). I hope this time I finish both socks, as I’m knitting with my yarn. A mayor reason to do it =) Let’s see how it looks:

Second Stitch Surfer
Stitch Surfers

In the picture, from left to right the colorways are: “Lilac Garden” and “Who Fancies Macaroons” in my Happy Sock base 80% SW wool/25% Nylon. I’m knitting these on my Addi Turbo Rockets US1/2.25mm.

The rest of my wip’s are in stand by, and I hope not to cast on new ones 😉

About my FO’s I have two! One is a triangle shawl that I knit with my hand spun in a gradient colour. I mentioned this on my My Monday post. Here below my finished shawl:

This is my shawl knit with my handspun. The colorway is Franklin from #GnomeAcres dyed for the Knitabulls podcast long time ago. I used stockinette for the body and chevron for the border. I love it
Gradient Shawl

The border has a chevron motif in garter stitch. I love it, the colors are fantastic. I would like to write down the pattern. It is very easy, and I bet you will enjoy knitting it as much as I did. I’ll keep you posted.

My second FO is a hand spun yarn. Yes, I’m into spinning recently. This time I tried spinning a textured yarn. I called textured as Jacey Boggs does in the video class Spin Art. However, most people call it Art Yarn.

I tried to follow Jacey’s instructions about spinning coils, but as per the below picture; it seems a core spin yarn more than a yarn with coils. Anyway, I’m happy with the result.

First textured (art) yarn I ever spun  #artyarn #spinning #selfstriping #colorful
Textured self-striping yarn

I obtained 38 yd of aran weight (8 wpi). I used Polwarth and Tussah Silk fiber that I carded into rolags. I spun the rolags first and then I plied it with commercial yarn. I’m afraid I cannot tell you the technique because it’s under copyright, but I strongly suggest you to get the DVD and learn as I did. Totally worth it 🙂

Last but not least, I wanted to mention that I’m participating in a Summer Camp! Yes, a summer camp without going to any camping place in particular. It is the Camp Aloha Friends organised by Mel from the Single Handed Knits blog/podcast. It started in June 21st and lasts until September. We are having so much fun there, and we are learning a lot of crafts activities.

As part of the camp we had the choice to receive a suitcase with many goodies in it, that will be used for the classes we have in camp. I wanted to show you a picture of my suitcase content and I wanted to thank you Mel and the entire team (her family) that was involved in creating it. I also want to thank the sponsors Space Cadet Creations and Infinite Twist for their fabulous yarns, and for supporting this camp.

Max decided that my goodies of the #campalohafriends suitcase are a good place to sleep on. @mskiknits
Max loves my goodies from Camp Aloha Friends

Oops, Max wanted to appear on the picture as well, because he approved and loves the goodies as much as I do. Oh my kitty pal, I love you.

I will post pictures of my project activities along the way. I want to share this experience with you.

Well, that is all for this week friends. I hope you enjoy this post and until next week, be happy whatever you are doing.

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