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My First Sweater

I must recognise that I had not knit an adult size sweater until last January. I was not afraid of being able to knit the garment at all, or to use a specific technique, but rather about getting bored in the process. Having said that, I guess I can identify myself as a process knitter, and I like learning while I knit any project. Repetitive actions can kill my mojo and excitement, that is why I was used to knit only accessories or baby sweaters.

Last year in October while Adrian was away for a month I decided to tackle my fear and knit my first sweater. I chose for the adventure an easy pattern that did not need any fitting technique. The chosen one was the Worsted Boxy by Joji Locatelli.

The next step was to choose the yarn. Well it was not really a choice, because I only had red yarn in sweater quantity that I bought in Manor, a department store here in Switzerland that offers their own brand. I bought this yarn in a discount sale thinking that some day I would knit a sweater. I believe that some knitters, like me, that have never knit one, always think that investing in expensive yarn for a first time sweater is not a good decision. So one buys the cheapest one can find, paying attention that at least it does not have acrylic in it. I was lucky because my yarn was 100% Merino Superwash.

I started my adventure by swatching. Yes, I enjoy swatching since I took the “Swatch Like You Mean It” class with Mel of With Mel blog fame (formerly Single Handed Knits.) I am not sure if this year a new class will be available but if it does, I highly recommend it. I obtained gauge using wooden needles in size 5mm (8 US) and I was ready to cast on the big project.

I was so exited that I knit like crazy during the first week. Every night after arriving from work and playing with Max, I knit on my sweater patiently. After three weeks or so, I started to get bored and I will let you know why.

If you knit your first sweater and you are a process knitter, please do not choose yarn in solid color! Despite of the fact that I was knitting in the round in stockinette stitch, and I was watching the “Walking Dead” TV series (that I love,) it soon became very monotone. I know, we knitters love to work on vanilla projects while watching videos or TV in general, but a vanilla sweater in one color, well, it was too much.

Anyway, my knitting speed was reduced and I knit on the sweater sporadically. It took me three months to finish it, but I did it. I was so happy with the result that I called my first sweater a Red Statement! In the picture below you can see my Boxy 🙂

A Red Statement Sweater

I think it is a really good pattern if you plan to knit a sweater. But be mindful about your color choice. If I had chosen a variegated yarn I would have knit it faster, because the color changes of this type of yarn makes you wonder how your project will look like row after row, even tough you are knitting in plain stockinette stitch.

Since I finished the Boxy, I cast on Japan Sleeves by Joji Locatelli as well. This is still in progress and I hope to finish it soon. I will publish it here when it is ready!

Well, that is all for now and I am glad to be back. I hope you enjoy this post and until next time, be happy whatever you are doing.

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